Sacred Jewel Sorority

The Coore Foundation launched the “Sacred Jewel Sorority” (SJS) in 2008 in the United States and Jamaica. SJS targets girls 10 to 18 years of age who are at risk of early sexual debut, pregnancy; sexual assault and acquiring sexually transmitted infections as a result of their vulnerability and abject poverty. Many of the girls who have participated in the SJS reside in very poor communities that are fraught with social conditions such as overcrowded dwellings, limited or no policing or security, limited adult supervision and crime. The purpose of SJS is to empower and strengthen girls’ resolve for self through peer exchange, accurate HIV and STD prevention education, academic tutoring and support, mental health counseling and therapeutic services and life skills coaching. Parents and care takers are also apart of SJS in that we engage parents in all aspects of the program giving them an opportunity to learn and be supported in their role as parents and responsible caregivers. Parents are crucial to the sustainability of each child’s growth in the program. Parents and caregivers reinforce learnings and understandings in the home once the girls complete various aspects of the project as well as when they graduate.

Upon enrollment into the SJS, each girl receives 60 hours of HIV and STD prevention education. The Coore Foundation utilizes science-based STD and HIV prevention curricula. Also the foundation works in collaboration with the International Red Cross to ensure for the most accurate and up-to-date educational information is provided to the girls and their families. Once the girls complete the HIV and STD prevention education, they are then enrolled into a peer leadership program that enhances their public speaking, group facilitation and leadership skills. SJS girls are encouraged to share their learnings from SJS with their peers in their community through school and church presentations. SJS girls on average, conduct 50 hours of volunteer service educating their peers in their household, schools, community centers and churches annually. These girls are supported by the foundation and the International Red Cross with educational materials and ongoing training.

Our girls in the advance levels of are offered other training courses and support through the Coore Foundation. The Coore foundation also has a vibrant micro-business project in partnership with local businesses within various countries as well as the U.S. SJS graduates are taught how to develop their own businesses which require little start up cost, human resources, or supplies. Some of the business ideas generated and utilized by the young women include: Laundry service, child care, hair braiding services, cell phone usage service, and bag and purse making. These women are able to sustain themselves or supplement the income of their family by cultivating their own ideas into lucrative businesses.

It is the mission of the Coore Foundation to educate, empower, and enrich the lives of girls so that they not only are able to see their worth but are able to lead others on their journey to self empowerment.