This program is designed to educate at-risk youth on effective ways to prevent involvement with criminal and sexual activity using various behavior modification strategies - of which, music, specifically, playing a musical instrument and becoming a part of an orchestra, is one. The Youth Orchestra is a year-round program that will kick-off in the spring of 2010. An orchestra /school of music will be opened in each of the 14 parishes. The first two schools that will be opened are in Central Village, Spanish Town and Brown’s Town, St. Ann. Other schools will open approximately every four - six months. Our plan is to have all the schools open by summer 2012.

The mission of the Coore Foundation Jamaica Youth Orchestra Program is to provide a center for affordable (free), music instruction and performance opportunities for young people ages 10-19; to develop a youth orchestra capable of competing successfully at the national and international levels; and to instill in our students the discipline and focus necessary to succeed on an academic as well as a musical plane. The program will also provide a safe haven for youth after school and on Saturdays. Each youth participating in the program will attend the music schools every day after school, where they will have academic counseling/tutoring and music instructions (learn to play a string instrument such as the violin, violas, cello or the bass). On Saturdays they will also attend the music school where they will continue receiving coaching. All classes will be taught by a certified music teacher. This opportunity will, in turn, keep our children off the streets and engage them in a life long art where they will learn discipline, etiquette and techniques to advance in all areas of their lives. Those new skills will be instrumental in preventing negative behavior and poor choices, therefore leading to a decrease in criminal acts and incidences of HIV/AIDS, STD, and teen pregnancy among this new cohort of children.

The Coore Foundation is collecting string instruments (violin, viola, and cello, bass) and recorders for the orchestra project. We are targeting youth who are susceptible for getting involved in criminal and risky behavior. Please contact the Coore Foundation at (240) 643-1235 for more information about the project or to donate instruments.