The Coore Foundation “The Healthy Sole Project” provides shoes for children throughout the world. Shoes are collected through mail in donations and also via designated drop-off locations throughout the United States. These shoes are then sent to countries where individuals cannot afford basic footwear. The Foundation is particularly focused on providing children with appropriate shoes in order to prevent diseases and infections such as tetanus and polio. We are charged therefore to work with grass root and community-based organizations to get shoes to children who need them most.

The recipients of the shoes, the children live in poverty-stricken communities abroad. The children are orphans or displaced and often times have been devastated by war, diseases such as HIV/AIDS, and natural disasters.

To date we have provided shoes for over 3,000 children. Most of our shoes are donated by corporations, churches and concern citizens. Therefore, as more sponsors become available, the number of children we can help will grow. A key goal for the Coore Foundation is to provide shoes for 10,000 children between December 2009 and December 2010.