HIV, STD and Teen Pregnancy Prevention Camp
“Learning About Prevention the Fun Way”

The goal of the Coore Foundation Youth HIV, STD and Teen Pregnancy Prevention Camp is to create a learning environment that promotes structure and a mechanism that promotes sustained optimum health for all children and adolescents. This project aims to enable and empower the next generation with attitudes, knowledge, and skills through alternative education.

The camps attract youth from diverse backgrounds, but primarily target youth from high-risk communities who are more vulnerable to getting pregnant, contracting a STD, or becoming infected with HIV/AIDS. Both mental and physical exercises are undertaken to develop the participants’ leadership and facilitation skills. These skills will enable the youth to disseminate information and educate their peers on the consequences of ignorance, and perceived irresponsible behavior. Upon conclusion of the camp the participants will be equipped and armed with accurate information about HIV, STD and teen pregnancy prevention. The participants will then become certified trained peer educators, facilitating activities, and applying the skills they have learned.

The International Red Cross and its partners in selected countries assist the Coore Foundation as HIV, STD and teen pregnancy prevention trainers at the camps. The youth participants are selected to expand the reach of adolescent sexual health and HIV/AIDS education to schools and communities beyond their current area of responsibility. A group of adult mentors are also trained to guide these peer educators in their work when they return to their respective localities.

At each camp, a youth group of older participants already doing outreach work serves as understudies to the youth facilitators. The understudies undergo further training to hone their skills and to enable them to design the activities and to run the successive camps with guidance from the camp management committee. Allowing the youth to facilitate the camps provides them with great value and leadership skills, which they can use when they conduct their outreach programs in their respective schools and communities.

The recreational instructors are also trained and certified in HIV/AIDS, STD and teen pregnancy prevention. This training enables our instructors to relate activities such as hiking, campfires, and various challenge groups with risk-taking behaviors.

Project Impact This innovative approach to youth education is reaping impressive results, as proven by the wonderful outcome of the Coore Foundation camps in the Caribbean, African, and North America, South America and Europe. The camps have proven to be efficient and effective vehicles for bringing the message of HIV/AIDS, STD and teen pregnancy prevention to over 10,000 youth of the aforementioned regions. In 2010, the Coore Foundation plans to expand its scope of work by launching this project in all the countries of the Caribbean, Africa and South America and other regions around the world that are greatly affected by HIV/AIDS like Asia.

As a result of the work the Coore Foundation is doing internationally to positively impact the lives of youth, the Foundation plans to educate, empower, and certify over 8,000 new peer educators in camps and other educational forums in the regions previously mentioned by 2012. Upon training and certifying peer educators they will be able to educate youth in their schools and communities causing a snowball effect. The Foundation believes that this impact has proven to be effective for the past 10 years and will continue to be the driving force needed to eradicate this devastating disease called HIV/AIDS while radically eliminating the spread of STDs and teen pregnancy globally.

Outcome measures:
As a result of the camps we expect the participants to mobilize others by creating activities for:

    Youth to join HIV/AIDS, STD and teen pregnancy prevention clubs in local schools and communities;
    Adult mentors, teachers and parents supporting the work of their students and/or children as peer educators;
    Youth seeking assistance from the peer educators; youth continuing their HIV/AIDS prevention work beyond graduation from secondary & high school; and an increased awareness of HIV/AIDS, STD and teen pregnancy issues among youth;
    A decrease in the incident rate (new cases) of HIV, STD and teen pregnancy among youth (globally).


The Coore Foundation seeks your help in making these camps a reality. We are asking you to become a partner in this campaign as we prepare to educate, enhance and empower our young people, our future leaders for tomorrow at our 2010 Youth HIV, STD and Teen Pregnancy Prevention Camps around the world.

For more information on the camps or to make a donation please contact us at or (240) 643-1235.

“We look forward to working with you as we become partners in this campaign to save our children.”

The Coore Foundation is a 501(c) (3) organization