The BASE Program – A literacy enrichment program that builds libraries and furnish them with books and other learning tools like computer with Internet access (where services are available) in improvised communities throughout the world.

Basic Access for Scholastic Empowerment is an educational outreach project developed and implemented by the Coore Foundation. To date the Foundation has completed two projects - one in Eretria and one in Jamaica. Our goal is to build at least two new reading centers in 2010. To make this dream a reality, we urge you to become a sponsor today. The cost to build a reading center is approximately $20,000.00 (US). Each reading center is a 50 X 50 foot room with an attached bathroom. Each room is decorated with shelves, tables and chairs to accommodate up to 75 children at any given time. A blackboard and other teaching tools are also placed in each center.

Member from local communities, corporations, organizations, associations, sororities, fraternities, churches and individuals are encouraged to plant a seed in the lives of our children and collaborate with us to build a reading center. You may build a reading center in any country you choose, with the option to have the reading center named after you. Once the reading centers are built, the Coore Foundation will furnish them with books and Internet ready computers. This is also a great opportunity for family members to adopt a reading center as a family project by donating educational materials such as books, puzzles, educational tapes, and games. Computers are also needed so that our children can have access to the world with a simple click on a mouse.