The Coore Foundation Projects

To make this dream a reality for millions of kids all over the world we urge you to become a sponsor today. Build a library in any country you choice...

Coore Foundatio is a 501(c)3 international organization whose purpose is to design, implement, monitor and provide specific health and education intervention programs for at-risk youth. Coore Foundation works diligently to provides a path to help at-risk youth realize their full potential and thereby help reverse societal problems such as crime, illiteracy and the spread of STI.

The Foundation serves as a gateway agent for change practices, incorporating diverse cultural belief systems and preferences. This approach assures a comprehensive but culturally appropriate appraisal of risk factors and conditions in our target population. The Foundation also develops community-based health and educational programs to address target market needs (i.e. literacy projects, crime and disease prevention strategies).

The Foundation also serves as a devote advocate of the belief that a crime-free, healthy and educated community and country is a productive community and country. The lack of crime, good health and literacy are directly related to the advancement of human capital of its poorest resident. As a result, the Foundation maintains that as nations invest in crime prevention, health and education, they are investing in its people (its labor force) as well as its economy.

When young people are given a supportive, caring environment to mature in, amazing things will happen.